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Misol Ha

Waterfall in the rainforest...

Misol Ha Waterfalls

Located in the San Miguel ejido of the Salto de Agua municipality, only 20 km from Palenque and 195 km from San Cristóbal de Las Casas.
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Misol Ha has a drop of 40 m in height and 10 m in width and forms a magnificent pool 25 m deep and 40 m in diameter, ideal for swimming and cooling off.

In the high evergreen jungle

Misol Ha is located in the high tropical jungle of the Chiapanecan highlands, so it is possible to observe vegetation composed of large trees such as mahogany, chicozapote and palo de agua. It is the natural habitat of coyotes, armadillos, skunks, anteaters, beetles and tigrillos; and birds such as parrots, chachalacas, toucans and pheasants.
In addition to the imposing main waterfall, the site has other attractions such as a grotto that is reached by a walker that passes behind the curtain of water, inside it there is a spring of water that creates a stream that falls towards the main pool, all this in the middle of a wooded area of 15 hectares of jungle.
The Ecotourism Center is administered by the Chol community of the San Miguel ejido. It has cabins, camping area, toilets and restaurant. This community is characterized by faithfully keeping alive its traditions, such as burning candles inside the caves to ask for rain and good harvests.
Misol-Ha 2
Misol-Ha 2
Misol-Ha 3
Misol-Ha 3

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